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Our Story

17th Edition Splash & Dash

Talia the Warrior


On November 21 2016, Talia was sent to the ER because she was not breathing normally.  That night we found out she had a malignant tumour in her chest.  On November 30, 2016 we found out she had Ewing's Sarcoma in her 5th right rib and would need 34 weeks of chemotherapy, surgery to remove a few ribs and radiation.  All this took place at the Montreal Children's Hospital, and when she was admitted for chemo, she would reside on Sarah's Floor.  Sarah's floor became our home away from home.  The activities kept her busy and distracted from what was going on and the extra touches made it feel a little more comfortable than a regular room on a regular hospital floor.  We will never forget our time on Sarah's Floor, even though we are 1 year in remission!


On Saturday, November 3, 2018 Talia will be participating in the 17th Edition of Splash & Dash benefiting Sarah’s Fund for Cedars. Join our family in raising much-needed funds to support all programs and services that Sarah's Floor at the Montreal Children's Hospital has to make life better for the pediatric cancer patients and their families when admitted to the floor for hospital stays due to treatments.

The programs and services paid by Sarah's Fund for Cedars are the following:

Full working kitchen

Washer and Dryer

TV & Internet in all the rooms

Playstations in all the rooms with access to dozens and dozens of games

A large playroom filled with toys, games, books, TV, extensive movie library, couches

Pet & Music Therapy

Dr. Clown program

Child Life Services

Welcome kits

Other treats given throughout the year

Spcialized training for the nurses

Splash & Dash is a unique and fun filled day of friendly competition where high school students, friends, families, corporate sponsors and our Sarah’s Floor heroes participate in swim, bike & run races.

I hope you can join Talia and our family to help us GO BEYOND our wildest dreams to ensure Sarah’s Fund for Cedars provides the best care possible for all young cancer patients.

Thank you for your support and making a difference!

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