Cedars Run for Ovarian Cancer

Cedars Run for Ovarian Cancer - Oct 17 2021

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Cedars Run for Ovarian Cancer

Gera & Brianna's Tinkerbells

Gera McLeod, mother, wife, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, friend, great friend to all who knew her lost her life to Ovarian Cancer in 2018. Two years earlier she lost her daughter Brianna... at the same time of the year of this annual Cedars Run for Ovarian Cancer.

Since 2016, Brianna and Gera's friends and family come together to fondly remember both of them. Their home was always open and Gera & Brianna brought us all together for many celebrations in their home over the years. We now find ourselves loving to get together as we all have a special bond and it warms our hearts to see each other each year at this active event. And to support the Cedars Run for Ovarian Cancer and Dr. Lucie Gilbert & her team who took such amazing care of Gera and her family.

Diagnosing ovarian cancer is still in its infancy due to lack of funding and the fact that early symptoms are too vague to get the proper diagnosis. (Quoted by the neuroscience Concordia University Professor who just passed away (Oct 6) of this ovarian cancer and during her illness and stay at the MUHC Palliative Care was a champion at raising both awareness and funds).

We invite you again to walk, run, donate to help raise funds and show gratitude to our amazing Dr. Lucie Gilbert and her team. For those of you who don't know... we are so lucky to have Dr. Gilbert in our city fighting for all women in her research and studies to evolve in this disease with an aim to catch the diagnosis early, hugely increase the chance of cure. Do so for yourself as a woman, for your daughters, friends and sisters and mothers!

Thank you! Xoxo
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