We’re coming up to our 15th year holding our incredible Dragon Boat Virtual Challenge, and we wanted to give you an update. As you are aware, the current pandemic has pushed schedules back. As an organization that relies on event-based fundraising as well as general donations, we need to make some informed, and sometimes difficult choices. And thanks to an adaptation to the “New Normal,” we have come up with some exciting solutions.

FL Fuller Landau, as our lead sponsor, continues to support our efforts. We cannot take a pause in cancer care. Cancer patients and their families are still facing challenges every day and we need to support them thought this important time.


We are asking you to challenge yourself and to continue your support, as this year we will be transitioning to a virtual platform. All funds raised will support complimentary programs and services to improve the quality of life for cancer patients and their families.

We don’t have 1 but 4 different challenges for you to choose from. As a team and individual you will be giving yourself a goal and a fundraising goal that you’ll have to complete by Saturday September 12. We are encouraging participants to get outside while maintain a healthy distance from others.

Every person participating in and fundraising for the Dragon Boat Virtual Challenge makes a lasting positive impact. We may not be able to share the impact in person this year, but coming together online with friends, family and corporate teams show that we are still a united community. 


Step 1: As a team you will have to choose one of the challenges and create your own goal.

  • Step Challenge (ex: 10,000 step challenge/per day)
  • Walk / Run (ex: 5K, 10K, Half marathon)
  • Cycling (ex. 10K, 20 K, 50K)
  • Paddle Boarding (22 Dragons is offering indoor paddle board sessions and Race Day finals)

Let’s turn your physical activity into a challenge! As a team, create your goal and make it happen individually.

Step 2: Choose your fundraising goal and create your personal page!

Sign yourself up! On this website you will be given a team page and a personal page for the opportunity to tell your story and share with your family, friends and networking why you are choosing to participate. You can post images and provide up to date progress on your fundraising as well as provide your supporters with an easy way to donate to you and your team!

Step 3: Complete your challenge.

Spread the word!
Let your friends and family know how hard you are training, fundraising and recruiting for your team.
Share your Dragon Boat Virtual Challenge experience with us on facebook and on instagram.


At a time when the world is looking for signs of hope, we offer a direct connection. We work together with our volunteers and sponsors as an inspired community, helping those in need. Your participation in our Dragon Boat Virtual Challenge puts you on the front line of support for people who are at their most vulnerable.

Cedars CanSupport offers:

  • Covid-19 Humanitarian financial support for Pediatric and Adult Cancer Patients and their families
  • Emotional Support: offered on a one-to-one basis as well as in groups
  • Educational Services: access to up-to-date information, pamphlets and books in our resource center
  • Complementary therapies: creative art therapy, meditation, yoga, message and more
  • Practical resources: free wigs, hats and turbans
  • Reduced cost parking information